Application to Lease

Each applicant over the age of 18, must complete an application form:

Please list your make, model, color, year, and license plate # for all automobiles you drive
Please list the make, model, color, year, and license plate # for all motorcycles you operate
Please list any Emergency Contacts, Close Friend, and Nearest Relative Living Elsewhere. Include their Address, Phone, and Relationship.
per month, and upon owner’s approval, agrees to enter into a lease and pay all rent and security deposits required before occupancy.
is hereby submitted for the cost of processing this application, to obtain credit history and other background information.
Applicant represents that all information provided on this application is true and correct. Applicant hereby authorizes verification of all references and facts including but not limited to current and previous landlords and employers, and personal references. Applicant hereby authorizes owner agent to obtain Unlawful Detainer, Credit Reports, Telechecks, and/or criminal background reports. Applicant understands that incomplete or incorrect information provided in the application may cause a delay in processing which may result in denial of tenancy. Applicant hereby waives any claim and releases from liability any person providing or obtaining said verification or additional information. Applicant has read FAQ for Tenants on the website of Pacific Property Management.

Thank You.

Pacific Apartment Management