Management Services Offered
Small Associations

Management Option for Small Associations


Small homeowner associations of four to seven units have a dilemma when it comes to management. They need high quality management as much as larger associations, but the cost is allocated over a small number of owners making it very expensive to enter into a full service management agreement.

From a management company’s perspective, it costs nearly the same to provide accounting services whether the property is four units or twenty-four units. Likewise, the labor cost for attending a meeting or making a property inspection is nearly the same.

Nearly all boards of small associations recognize the need for professional management and rarely want to accept the responsibility and liability for self-management.

Coast Management of California has come up with a solution. It provides nearly all of the advantages of full service management, and provides far more service than financial management services, and accounting services.

The solution is called Online Management.

Please compare Online Management to the alternatives and Request a Proposal.

We also encourage you to read our Articles for HOA Boards.

The base fee for Online Management for a four to seven unit condominium association is usually $50.00 per unit per month. The monthly fee drops as the number of units reaches eight or more.

Please call or email us with any questions or request a management proposal.

Self-Management of Homeowner Associations


With the laws getting more complex each year, and with new court cases creating precedents, only a small percentage of homeowner associations accept the burdens and risks of self-management. Clearly, there are many significant risks involved when the board of an HOA decides to forgo professional management. Those risks have been summarized in an article on this website: HOA Self-Management: Does it Make Sense?

We strongly suggest that all board members involved in self-management, or considering self-management, read this short but informative article. It may save your association from a costly mistake.

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