Churches, Synagogues, Temples, and Private Schools

Reserve studies are an important planning tool and fundraising tool for Churches, Synagogues, and Temples (Worship Facilities) as well as private schools. Worship facilities and private schools need to replace roofs, repave parking lots, repair wood rot, and make the same types of major repairs and replacements required of others that own and manage buildings.

A reserve study provides those responsible for paying the bills with the knowledge of how much money needs to be set aside each month so that major repairs and replacements can be made when needed.

A reserve study is also an excellent fundraising tool. For example, if a reserve study indicates that $100,000 is required to be set aside (reserved), so that anticipated repairs and maintenance can be made, that report can be utilized to approach potential donors who will then be given the opportunity to make certain the organization is solvent and will not suffer the harm that results from delaying necessary repairs and replacements.

Please call us for a reserve study proposal for your Church, Synagogue, Temple, or private school. The cost is small. The benefits are great.

Pacific Reserve Studies