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These articles were written by Michael Chulak from January 2020 to the current date to supplement our frequently asked questions section on this website and to provide you with valuable information. They were not provided by a third party service.


Summary of Reserve Study Laws

Budget Required

HOA Fund Accounting

Budget Preparation Service

Request for Budget

Timeline for HOA Budgets

Calculating Minimum Reserve Contributions

Consequences of Failing to Obtain Reserve Studies

Seven Ways to Avoid Special Assessments

FHA Certification of Condominium Associations

Exclusive Use Common Area Maintenance Responsibilities

Board Members and Close Relatives Performing Work for HOA

Do Sewer Lines, Drain Lines, Gas Lines, and Plumbing Pipes Belong in a Reserve Study Calculation?

Do Tile Roofs Belong in a Reserve Study?

Elevated Structure Inspections

Safety Considerations for HOAs and Apartment Buildings

Angle Stop Valves - Replacements

Shower Pan Leaks, Replacements, Damage, and Liability

Water Leaks - Clean, Gray and Black Water

Plumbing Pipes - Reserves

Galvanized Pipes

Reserves - Duty to Fund

No Reserve Account - What Happens?

Reserve Funds – Investing

Reserve Funding Plans

Reserve Study Disclosures

Reserve Account Accounting

Reserve Fund Transfers - Loans

Reserve Expenses – Unanticipated

Reserve Fund Expenditures

Borrowing from Reserves

Resolution to Delay Restoration of Reserve Funds

Are Reserve Studies Required by FHA?

Minimum Reserve Contributions

Reserve Studies Required - Reserve Funds

Timeline for HOA Budgets and Reserve Studies

Community Association or Homeowner Association? What is the Difference?

Failure to Maintain Roofs - What Could Happen?

Dry Rot

OSB - Substitute for Plywood


Why Hire a Construction Manager

Sealed Bidding Process

Five Reasons to Use An Independent Insurance Broker

Insurance Coverage Options

Fire Safety Checklist

Fire Security Guard

Common Construction Defects

Construction Defect Glossary

Mechanic's Liens

Saving Dollars for Homeowner Associations

Restraining Orders -Injunctive, and Equitable Relief

Contractors Bonds - Construction Bonds




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