Safety Considerations for HOAs and Apartment Buildings

Barbed Wire

Under no circumstances should barbed wire be used at any property.

Wire Cables and Chains

Under no circumstances are wire cables or chains to be utilized to prevent vehicles from entering an area since they may create a dangerous condition.

Fire Doors

Nearly all modern residential buildings that require fire doors, have fire doors with "magnetic releases". These devices hold the fire doors open by means of an electric magnet until smoke is detected. Upon detecting smoke, the electricity is shut off and the door then closes, thus providing fire protection. Fire doors that do not have magnetic releases should never be propped open. They must remain closed.

Unleashed Dogs

Unleashed dogs should never be permitted.

Tree Trimming

Unless pruned, palm trees will drop large pods that can create a danger if they fall where people are likely to walk. Consequently, they should be pruned once each year in the spring season before the pods reach the stage of growth where they start dropping.

Fireplaces - Gas Operated

Fireplaces should be checked at least annually for gas leaks by the local gas company or by a qualified maintenance company or person.

Elevator Phones

All elevators must be equipped with phones that are connected to "911" or an approved emergency service.

Emergency Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting Fixtures

Emergency exit signs and emergency lighting fixtures must be serviced annually unless the local fire code or the written maintenance manual that came with the equipment recommends service more often.

Fire Extinguishers

Many buildings are supplied with fire extinguishers. This equipment is often required by code for the protection of the owners and their guests. It is the responsibility of HOA boards and building owners to make certain that missing (stolen) fire extinguishers are replaced upon discovery.

Lighting in Common Areas

The replacement of burned out lights must be given high priority. Delays should be minimized in order to maximize safety. Led lighting should be used to minimize replacements and sufficient wattage should be used so that if one light burns out, safety will not be compromised.

Pool Fencing

All properties with pools must have a fence around the pool with a self-closing gate. The fence must meet the current code, but in no event, should it be less than five feet high. The fact that a particular property is "grandfathered" and does not legally require a fence to meet the code is an insufficient reason not to have a fence.

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