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Pacific Reserve Studies has been preparing comprehensive reserve studies in Southern California since 1993. Our reserve study reports meet all of the requirements of the California Civil Code and all AICPA audit requirements. Our reports are reasonably priced and are completed timely so that associations are able to meet their budget deadlines. Most importantly, the operations manager of Pacific Reserve Studies has more than 40 years of experience estimating costs as a licensed general contractor.

Our sophisticated computer software uses the pooling method to calculate reserve requirements. Unlike simple spreadsheet programs, our specialized software is capable of minimizing reserve contributions.

Our detailed 30-year, monthly cash flow projection proves the accuracy of our conclusions and assures a positive cash flow.

Adjustments for inflation, income taxes and interest earnings are always included for maximum accuracy. Never accept a report that omits these important factors.

Our software program provides your association with the ability to maximize interest income over the life of your buildings.

There is never an additional charge for fast service with Pacific Reserve Studies.

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Reserve Studies Required By Law

Associations in California regardless of size, are required to perform a reserve study every three years and to update the report each year in-between unless the total common area replacement costs are less than 50% of the annual gross budget of the association, excluding the association’s reserve account for that period. This means that most associations with only two units require a reserve study.


Level of Reserve Studies

Level I: Full Reserve Study. This is the most comprehensive type of Reserve Study. It includes both a Physical and Financial Analysis. The Component Inventory list and current component Condition Assessments with Life and Valuation estimates are determined from a visual on-site inspection. This information is then used to conduct a Financial Analysis which includes the current Fund Status and our recommended Funding Plan. A Full Reserve Study is recommended when a previous Reserve Study is not available, or a substantial amount time has elapsed since the last Reserve Study (5 or more years), or there are concerns about the reliability of the existing Reserve Study Component Inventory, or measurements, or underlying assumptions.

Level II: Update with Visual Site Visit. This report updates both the Physical Analysis and Financial Analysis of an existing Reserve Study report. A site inspection is conducted to verify and/or make adjustments to the existing Component List, Condition Assessments, Useful Life and Component Valuation Estimates. The Financial Analysis is also updated, including the current Fund Status and recommended Funding Plan. A Level II Report is recommended at least every three years and after major projects are completed.

Level III: Update with No Visual Site Visit. This report updates the Financial Analysis only. The current Fund Status and Funding Plan is updated using research conducted with board members, vendors, contractors, the association manager, and information contained within a prior Reserve Study. A Level III report is recommended to review, adjust and verify that the existing Funding Plan is reasonably accurate and suitable given current economic conditions.




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